Mistex - Best Custom RSPS 2021

Mistex VIP/Donator Benefits

Hey there!

We have some awesome deals always running here at Mistex, how you can find out about these codes; are simply by being logged in to the game, and being on when one is announced by an Administrator!

The reason we do it this way, is so we can keep activity while giving our most active players the best deals. So now let's begin on what donating is. Shall we?

First off, donating is a way to help us fund the Mistex Project. Without funds, we don't strive... sad to say, good to say is the Owner: Josh, has saved enough money to keep us online for years.

The funding gets broken down into different fundamentals, and none of them are cheap. (ex: Hosting & VPS, New Designs (websites), Paying Developers, and advertising (youtubers, top list ad spots, seo, google ads) and more)

Mistex VIP Benefits start here

$8.99/m VIP Doubled Daily Rewards Exp Buff Extra resources when mining & thieving Run restores faster while standing at home "Bank All" option with looting bag anywhere Check-in chest at ::vipz Vip zone has a shop in it Upgradeable Hazelmere's ring (i) to auto-collect Receive 2 mystery boxes when completing pest control The ability to purchase 50,000 items at once
$14.99/m Promo VIP ALL of VIP Features Triple Daily Rewards If wearing a cape, you don't drop arrows/bolts. The ability to purchase 100,000 items at once When you relog you instantly become unpoisoned/unvenomed More to come
$19.99/m Sponsor VIP All the VIP & Promo Features Double keys from Nightmare Boss x2 on event Double Angel of Death Skulls x2 on event Never lose prayer! Provide a BONUS damage here (Catacombs, Void Knight Champion, Solak)
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