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Thread: [SPONSORED] Cloud Space/Storage

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    [SPONSORED] Cloud Space/Storage

    Hey guys! I'd like to take a moment to thank our sponsor for allowing all Mistex member's to have 100GB absolutely free on cloud storage.

    What does this mean? You can host files, without them actually taking space on your computer! Well, why should I trust this you may ask? Well, XtraDrive website is encrypted with 256-byte encryption, and file hash encryption. So you have worries what so ever, of having your data stolen from the outside nor inside.

    I love XtraDrive, it gave me an opportunity to be able to keep my extra files on there, since my HardDrive is always full, and I barely use some of it.

    Not to mention, files you upload, you can share with anyone if you'd like. Simply right click the file, and get a "Shareable link", in which you can block/allow access to certain people, or anyone with the link! is a place for everyone

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    thanks for this brother

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