Name and In-game name: Shadey (immo)

Age: 22

Timezone: +1 (Paris time)

Language(s):English, french

Where do you currently live?: France

How long have you been part of MisteX? (Please include a screenshot of playtime): 5 days 15 hours

How much time can you spend as a staff member?: As long as i have time to play

Are you active in-game as well as on the forums/discord?: mostly in game and discord

Why would you like to be a part of MisteX's staff team?: I like to give info's and help others, sharing knowledge and be someone we can trust in

Describe your strengths: Im not afk most of time so i can help (almost) instantly anytime, I learn fast and i do differents things all the time

Describe your weakness(es): Josh's onlyfan

Why do you think you should be accepted over any other?: Because i can help on discord even when im not in game

Do you have any experience in being staff? (Either on an rsps, or on an other platform): Been important rank on some big game guilds (on lots of rpg's with serious tasks)

What do you hope to achieve as a staff member?: I want to help new people and help the Mistex community with what i have: Knowledge and attention

Do you understand that if you abuse staff powers, break the rules, or don't act up as a staff member, you will be demoted and possibly banned, depending on what you've done?: Absolutely, i know i will have responsibilities

Do you wish to include something else in your application?: Thank you for reading my application