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Thread: Ric's Application

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    Ric's Application

    Name and In-game name: Ric / Ric

    Age: 28

    Timezone: GMT

    Language(s): English

    Where do you currently live?: England, UK.

    How long have you been part of MisteX? (Please include a screenshot of playtime): 1 Day, 13 hours

    How much time can you spend as a staff member?: I can spend around 4-5 hours per day active.

    Are you active in-game as well as on the forums/discord?: I can actually be more active on discord and the forums than I can be in-game.

    Why would you like to be a part of MisteX's staff team?: I've been playing Mistex for a while now. Despite all the issues we have had as a community, I find myself still coming back to play. I've watched the community expand and shrink, so during a particularly low point in terms of playercount, I'd love to do my bit to help the server grow and expand.

    Describe your strengths: I'm extremely easy going and can make friends with almost anyone. I'm British so obviously I'm really funny and have a great sense of humour. I also have quite a high tolerance for stupid people which is EXTREMELY helpful on private servers. (Shit, did I say that pay out loud?)

    Describe your weakness(es): I once lost a thumb war to my younger sister, but in my defence she was using 2 hands. Sometimes I can be quick to judge a situation without fully understanding it which is a bit of a nightmare if I'm honest.

    Why do you think you should be accepted over any other?:

    Do you have any experience in being staff? (Either on an rsps, or on an other platform): I've ran a few servers in the past (Not strictly RSPS ones mind). I've always had real life jobs in management, too.

    What do you hope to achieve as a staff member?: I want to help the server grow. I want to see the playerbase rise. I want to see Mistex booming with players.

    Do you understand that if you abuse staff powers, break the rules, or don't act up as a staff member, you will be demoted and possibly banned, depending on what you've done?: Gotcha.

    Do you wish to include something else in your application?: I know I had a bit of time away, but I'm back to stay. I've always found myself checking up on Mistex and just want to find a purpose here, again.

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    Looks great Ric!!
    Josh will get back to you!

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