Hey guys, sorry for the long wait. I've been compiling the list on Discord, and we've been lacking a bit. (I kinda have to find a place to move, so I just have been using a lot of time toward that).

Let's get on with the update list

Update Log:
  • Diaries
    • Fixed over 20 diaries I will not be able to list as I hot fixed them based on my other fixes.
    • Fixed ardougne gem stall, will now give you ardougne task so you can complete your diaries
    • Fixed the Shantay Pass Entry so you can Complete your Diaries.
    • Fixed Varrock Agility course, so you can finish achievement

  • Monsters
    • Alchemical Hydra
      • Drops
        • Space Scythe
          • This scythe has a special stance walk, and is similar to the blood scythe of vitur with a nice overall texture.

    • Azazel
      • Crashing
        • Fixed an overall crashing issue that had to do with other phases and the smaller entity version of its self.

  • Commands
    • New Administration Commands to Disable SQL & Enable SQL Functions (incase website ddos attacks)
    • Cannot use ::bank in azazel area anymore.

  • User Interface
    • Changed the Minimap UI
    • Added a new Cursor overlapsing Windows Cursor in-game.
    • Changed the Close Window Button on quests to proper location
    • Changed Attack Options UI
    • Changed Inventory UI
    • Changed All Exit Buttons
    • Changed all Stat Backgrounds
    • Changed Layout for Mistex Info Panel

  • Miscellaneous
    • Fixed the Azazel gates, will now bring you accordingly to how it should bring you keeping your x coordinate.
    • Fixed some objects place in home not working.

  • Shops
    • Changed the Limited Time Coin Shop
    • Ironman's now have access to the ::vipz shop
    • Changed the Limited Time Donator Shop
    • You can now sell to the Limited time Donator Store in exchange for 60% of the value worth of the item.

  • Items
    • Infernal Staff (i) now has the burn effect when using magic with it.
    • Heavy Ballista now no longer has a max hit of 12.
    • Dupe fix.
    • Magic shortbow (i) now requires 50 range.
    • Nerfed the dragon dagger, the accuracy & damage was overall to op in pvp.
    • New Item Blood Vial
      • Blood Vials are dropped by Azazel
      • Blood Vials are now stackable
      • Blood Vials can be used on Cadatine unfinished potion to make a cadatine blood unfinished potion.

    • New potion "Battle-mage" boosting your Magic Level to 127
      • The item can be made by the combinations of the Blood Vial used with a potato cactus. (great xp)

    • Raid Completion Add-ons:
      - When you complete raids 10 times, you receive an Xeric's Guard
      This has been in-game, nothing has changed.
      - When you complete raids 25 times, you will receive a Xeric's Warrior
      You will receive an additional 1% better drop rate on raids, when using this cape.
      - When you complete raids 50 times, you receive an Xeric's Sentinal
      You will receive an additional 3% better drop rate on raids, when using this cape.
      - When you complete raids 100 times, you receive an Xeric's General
      You will receive an additional 5% better drop rate on raids, when using this cape.
      - When you complete raids 250 times, you will receive an Xeric's Champion
      You will receive an additional 10% better drop rate on raids, when using this cape.

Bonus client updates
- Internal client click to interface is performing faster.- Internal load in-game is sped up by a tick (removing the excess amount of stuff loading upon login)
- Client pack work, removing the extra packet spam, that you could see if you ran the .bat file with the program, this was pulling textures from items that didn't exist, and was pushing them into your presence, spamming your client with an unknown texture issue. This has been resolved for the most part (unless other items are involved)
^ This benefits because it would overall eat up CPU spamming you a million times saying it's not registered, every 2 seconds, so now that it's registered, if you leave your client open for a day or 2 you shouldn't get lag due to mistex client (if anything, your pc prob needs a restart)
- Fixed some item names that appeared as (Unnamed) or (Unarmed)
- Reduced the amount of packets being pushed and forth between the entity and your client, and your client to the entity.