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Thread: Updates that will now change Mistex forever!

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    Post Updates that will now change Mistex forever!

    So as far as our combat system, we've done an amazing job to keep up with all the work needed to knock out most of these bugs. Now I am not saying our combat is 100% or complete. But I'm saying, we have a big head-start in the combat system now, and a lot more organization allowing me to complete further future bugs in the combat system.

    Updates -

    • Combat
      • Azazel
        • Fixed azazel's 1 hitting stage.

      • Raids
        • Ice demon's barrage phase, will no longer reset your freeze timer when already frozen. It will give you about 2-3 seconds to run free when unfrozen before attempting.

    • Misc
      • New Mystery Box
        • Celestial Box has been added to the donator store
        • Celestial Box now has the ability to be looted and obtain loot from it.

      • Objects
        • Fixed Azazel Gates
        • Wilderness chest now gives a drop of up to three donator shards at a time.

      • Overloads
        • Overload will no longer reset until the time is up (won't act as a normal pot)
        • Overload potion now has a new queue system to properly manage how things will go, you should no longer find an bug with the overload, it will now properly work 100%.

      • Almighty Josh
        • It will no longer bug and display the wrong amount of votes needed to get in. For example (1 vote needed = 2), now it's the proper number.

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    Nice updates keep up the great work.

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