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Thread: PvP Fixes, Azazel drop fixes, and a ton more!

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    Post PvP Fixes, Azazel drop fixes, and a ton more!

    • Azazel
      • New Item
        • Azazel Staff
          • Stats: +80% damage in Azazel & +45% Damage outside of Azazel

      • Drops
        • Buffed the drops (they still are not final, this was to do another stage of drop fixing)
          • Blood Seren Godbow Skin
          • Azazel Staff
          • 500K Blood Money Drop
          • 100k Blood Money Drop
          • Removed all the small amounts of skilling bars etc
          • The Common Blood money drop amount will be 5-10k

      • Combat
        • Nerfed the hitpoints on the Soulsplit phase to 15,000 hp from 20,000

    • Combat
      • Player Vs Player
        • Fixed Sanguinesti Staff will now attack in PvP
        • Removed a whole method, which was used, but useless in which could have slowed down the reaction time in PvP
        • Fixed the about 10-15 second delay between trying to attack someone near an npc (the delay is now about 1-3 seconds.)

      • All
        • Overload will now reset after the desired time
        • Fixed all multi-casting autocast (all barrage spells)

    • Misc
      • Character Rights
        • Fixed up our rights priority reading, to assure smoothness when it's trying to prioritize which rank to put you as & your secondarys.
        • Removed stupid code, that was going to be an future idea, but it just taking up space at this time.

      • Referral
        • New alert message to remind you to refer your friends to Mistex for $5 credit per person! This hopefully will encourage you guys.

    • Varrock
      • Added thessalia to the tent area.
      • Made thessalia give you your diary for Varrock.

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    Nice updates keep up the great work.

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