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Thread: Pk fixes, and tons of bug fixes incoming!

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    Lightbulb Pk fixes, and tons of bug fixes incoming!

    • PvP
      • When being barraged, you can no longer click the enemy to get out of being frozen.
      • You can no longer use the "Lever" object from the other side of the wall in mage bank.
      • Deep wilderness revenants are now multi combat.

    • Items
      • Amulet of glory should no longer use an charge when attempting to teleport from 30+ wilderness.
      • Sanguinesti Staff has been buffed for x2 damage on these bosses
        1. Corporeal Beast
        2. Almighty Josh
        3. Azazel
        4. Angel of Death

      • Crystal harpoon now works like a harpoon
      • Looting Bag
        • Blood money now will go in the looting bag
        • Slayer Key Tier 3 Will now go in the looting bag
        • Slayer Key Tier 4 will now go in the looting bag

    • Shops
      • Ironman
        • Sandworms have been added in to the shop
        • Stamina potions have been added to the shop

    • Bosses
      • Azazel
        • When player whom is soloing the solo boss logs out in the room, it will detect that, and remove you from the room.

      • Nightmare
        • Nightmare will no longer teleport to players whom was their target, if they're not located in nightmare
        • You can no longer glitch into the black area by standing on a certain spot in the map

      • Abyssal Sire
        • Added combat stats to Abyssal Sire, so we can have fair attacks
        • Made Abyssal Sire semi-hittable with range, defense for range isn't through the roof.

    • Misc
      • Tutorial
        • Tutorial no longer logs you out in the second stage.

      • Bandos door now works, and is no longer bugged.
      • Removed two excess stalls at home behind the almighty josh (this will not be available until I push the client & cache update - will keep you updated)
      • VIP
        • Will receive a longer vote boost when voting & claiming votes!

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    thanks for the updates <3

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    Nice updates keep up the great work.

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