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Thread: XP Overlay and some useful bug fixes

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    Exclamation XP Overlay and some useful bug fixes

    • Duel arena
      • The portal will now bring you up top to view a fight
      • Now when overloaded, if you go in a duel, your overload will reset.

    • Chickens
      • Will now drop the cosmetic chicken suit! This suit is 1/1500 per piece (the chickens have 3 hitpoints)

    • Vote XP Buff
      • Now displays a timer in the bottom right of your screen with the time left for your 30 minute xp buff.
      • The xp buff timer will pop up upon relog too.

    • Pet Perks
      • The Box Chancer Perk Will Now Be Effective on Halloween Boxes.

    • Miscellaneous
      • Fixed some lines in the client with VIP crown reading, wasn't presenting right in circumstances
      • Removed some unused commands that are just making our server files larger and using more space and running power.

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    keep up the great work.

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    Thank you so much hunter

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    Keep up the good work!

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