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    Arrow Server Reset

    I want to announce something very important. We finally did it! We reset the accounts previously, due to beta stage.

    There's obvious more reasons than just "beta stage" but that's where these lumpsums of items got in the game is from previous, we had dupes, we had looting bag bugs duping items, we had easy drop rates, and un-tested bosses I added giving extrodinary items at a low drop rate. That being said, we've been online for 8 months with no reset due to the fact in I DO NOT BELIEVE IN RESETS. But it crossed my mind, when every single player agreed with me to do one. Because now we're at a pace where we can with hold our economy, and it will not be in the "trillions".

    Now, the reason we have decided to reset it today. Our old co-owners (and eco-holders) pretty much left us today, which is fine... but they dropped all their gear and items. This resulting in over 1-3T being passed around like nothing 100B a piece to our players. This resulted in the sad reset today.

    But, like I said we were once in temporary beta in which was a bad-state for Mistex making it not easy to prosper and grow with the amount of items in the economy. Updates consisting of GP Sinks like Armour Upgrades etc.

    Now we can grow further, and I can promise everyone, there will NEVER be a reset on Mistex again as we have fixed every bug that we have came acrossed in our past I believe it's good to say we're going to have a stable economy from here on out. Things will be more worth something, and all.

    PM Me your paypal if you have donated & your in-game name so I can refund your donations to your account. I will give you every single shard you have paid for, allow me up to 20 minutes to 8 hours to respond (i may be asleep)

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    It was for the best of the server honestly.

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