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Thread: Pvp is near-fixed, introducing Neitiznot faceguard!

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    Exclamation Pvp is near-fixed, introducing Neitiznot faceguard!

    Hey players, exciting news. PvP is fixed! Or atleast, near fixed! We're progressing so much, I am so happy with the outcome that has been brought upon Mistex. Check out these lovely updates.

    Update log:
    • Added Stamina potions to the consumables shop.
    • PvP Updates
      • Balancing
        • Nerfed the sonic pet in the wilderness (removed its buffs from wilderness)
        • Nerfed some other custom pet I forgot which one it was. (sorry in advance)
        • Nerfed the max hit for some mage items, and melee items to overall balance fights

      • Fixed pathing
        • Now when you attack a player, and the player moves you will 100% follow them now, it's not only on diagonal movement anymore.

    • Bugs
      • Mithril Seeds
        • Won't sometimes not plant the seed. It was before trying to find an id in which was missing, therefore throwing errors in the command prompt (possibly causing lag too)

    • Neitiznot Faceguard
      • Dropped from the Barrelchest boss 1/100

    • Godwars
      • Removed the need of 10 godwars kills to enter the bandos boss room
      • Removed the need of a hammer to walk through the first part of godwars boss.
      • Removed some cluttered objects in the godwars room (to reduce lag, and also get rid of the mass amount of objects in your way when running to your path)

    • Nightmare
      • Removed the floor that magically sits above your head looking glitchy.
      • Made it so you can no longer no-clip out side of the maps and die.

    • Objects
      • Fixed all object error related issues, such as Almighty Josh at home, the godwars doors entrances, and more that were probably broken.

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    keep up the great work.

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