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Thread: Pvp is finally getting attention!

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    Cool Pvp is finally getting attention!

    Hey fellow players, today I took big steps to furthermore balance our pvp system and also fix the broken side behind things. Here, check out the updates and let me explain.

    • Pvp Fixes
      • Item Nerfs:
        • Full Inquisitors Armour
          • This had an amount boosted of about 35%

        • Toxic Blowpipe
          • I did some stabilizing to the stats, to stabilize it and make pvp more fair and equal.

        • Anhillation
          • Nerfed the rambo attack it has, so this can't be used in pvp.

        • Blood scythe of vitur
          • This was providing an unknown 20% buff in the wilderness, I do not know where this came from, but it's fixed.

        • Blood justiciar armour
          • This has been nerfed completely, but mainly in the wilderness. Previous bonuses: 20% per piece. Current bonuses: 2% per piece

      • Essential Combat
        • Fixed the pathing system in pvp
          • Yay! The pathing is fixed, you can now attack, and follow them as far as you need to now. It will no longer stop and give up searching for the player.
          • Fixed some PvP exploits in the combat attack system that delayed or slowed down attacks.

    • Overall Updates:
      • Core System
        • Fixed our maps that were loading from August, causing certain places to be broken and not work.
        • Started running the server on less "threads" to optimize the performance we use when online.

    Enjoy the updates guys, and hope to see you guys around for the next batch.
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    keep up the great work.

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