Hello there! welcome to my introduction.
Who am i?: My Name is Shadowchii i am from GB/UK age 23 be 24 this month 12 days time whoo! im currently finding work from home in the mean time i have time to play so il be around often as many hours i can.

I have had many experiance playing Runescape and Rsps on the pvm side so my knowledge is decent, i did come under the name of death liam14/Brownie and OiiShadow but new server new name as Shadowchii.

a Little bit about me:

I may come across quiet and not talkative as i keep to myself but im active and youll see me around and im not afraid to be helpful or have a conversation so feel free to say Hi

i do play other Rsps but i won't name them here but as im loving this so far il stick around more, i do love playing Call of duty MW(Ps4) destiny 2 and division 2 (xbox 1) uhmm mrnosleep reddit and scary stories, watch Wreckedyou,Rsorginall, frimb Rsps youtube channel, wrecked and rsorginall got me here :3

yeah thats about it, if there anything more il add a edit:.
thank you for reading