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Thread: Italy's Intro

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    Italy's Intro

    well i figured i'd join the wave since i seen 2 others post an intro... sooo here we go.
    Edit: I was 4 bong rips deep typing this.

    My name is Italy and I punch babies. In my earlier years of life, I often found myself hanging out with only one person. He same was Kevin. You may be thinking, "Who the fuck is Kevin". and thats for me to know and keep it as such. I had a hobby of collecting shoes as a child; 47% of them were left shoes. I also seemed to not to be fond of worms and other little things crawling about as they didn't taste very well.

    With these young life experiences, its created the person I am today. I am literally the biggest pothead you will ever meet and have the memory of a gold fish. I graduated highschool at the age of 17. I served 4 years in the US Army. I now officially own my own landscaping company that I been dreaming to have. I spend about 15 minutes a day on Babbel learning spanish so I can speak to my workers properly.

    I got a few things I dont like though.... like I dont understand why... but these really grind my gears.
    like... fat people who arent jolly. Kids that cry when you punch them. Bitches with double standards..... like bitch, i can have them, you cant. feel me fellas? Rocks with sharp edges, I dont have them african feet i used to have as a child... feels like razor sharp glass shards rubbing against my feet lol. I dont like it when kids cry when you kick them.

    I am italy.

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    Love it! Good intro, by far the most explained in-depth thank you so much for posting your introduction, nice to meet you and never will forget you! You have changed Mistex community to have a humorous side to it

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    good intro my dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    haha Excellent intro i love that humor side of your introduction!

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