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Thread: Azazel Completion and Halloween boss fix

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    Post Azazel Completion and Halloween boss fix

    Today our updates contain the completion of one big project we had behind the scenes for about a couple weeks now. I have been doing daily updates on this boss to assure progression. It is time, I now release the information behind the boss. The fight, the prayers, the phases, the drops, and more.

    Mistex Update Log
    • Azazel

    1. Fixed the overall system for reading when it's alive and dead, now we will no longer see 3+ Azazel's spawn at once
    2. Added two more attack phases, and some bug fixes to the mini Azazel
    3. When you kill Azazel, you will now be teleported to the key room, as well as get a key drop.
    4. Added a system for reading your Azazel hit damage.

    • Halloween Boss

    1. Not everybody in-game will receive pumpkins when killing the boss anymore. You must kill it to receive pumpkins.

    • Grand Seed Pod

    1. You may only click it every 10 seconds, reason being is because it will null you if spam clicked.

    • Grimy Snapdragons

    1. Set their price from 0 gp.

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    keep up the great work.

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