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Thread: Azazel drops, gim trading, new items, and more!

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    Azazel drops, gim trading, new items, and more!

    Hey guys! Exciting news, I got some drops in for Azazel! Now you guys can work toward your goals. Why is this exciting if the boss isn't finished? Because, I assured it's hard enough to keep the eco semi-dry while I finish it. But, it's about time I start working on the halloween boss. Therefore, I think it's best if we switch tasks for a little bit.

    Update Log :

    - KBD teleport spot now brings you to 44 wilderness obelisk (so you can achieve your way down there)
    - Re introduced ::gimpanel and took out banks.
    - Rank upgrades will no longer override the staff rank.
    - Ironmans can now sell to BOTH general stores. (tabs)
    - GIM Can now trade eachother within their group
    - Fixed the grimy snapdragon price from 0 gp to 1.2k
    - Added small fishing net to the ironman shop for confusion.
    - Fixed some loading stuff, when loading into the server at first it would cause another error in priority rank handling.
    - Fixed tutorial stage in which would throw off an error in stage setting.
    - New items:
    * Blood buckler (.01 x higher hit in wilderness, x.03 hit outside of wilderness, and x.10 extra damage to bm boss azazel)
    * Blood grotesque (gives a 1.45x damage when in the new azazel boss, and 1.38x damage otherwise, and 1.18x in wilderness) must wear full set to see effects.
    - Added some drops to the blood money boss, so now you can use your keys on it!
    - Blood keys now have a blood texture over it & renamed to "Blood key"
    - Azazel will now teleport everyone in the room to the blood box area when she dies.
    - Azazel now has a load more combat intact, to have a tester for players to see how durable she is.
    - Made the new NPC at home, walk through out home to talk and kind of guide new players.
    - You can now fish fresh monkfish at edz to get fresh monkfish for the minigame in the back corner of edz, and use the trees near the magic birdhouse for planks. (must have a partner)
    - Azazel now announces the killer and rewards the sole killer 5-10k random amount of blood coins upon killing.

    Guys, I'm super excited for this one not gonna lie. I hope you all test it all, let me know the common bugs you find, and things I need to fix. Because, I'm willingly happy to fix them all! Now, be aware, some of these have been tested and some I can't test alone. Therefore, we may run into small issues. But, I checked over every thing, and made sure it all looked correct before releasing so we shouldn't have any.

    Client reload for the new items!
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    keep up the great work.

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