Hey guys, we have some key highlights in this update, but we also have a ton of good ones you guys will enjoy so much!

Update Log:

- Fixed teleport to bounty teleport spell
- Azazel boss will now have a different way of handling things (due to the previous crashes)
^ It will now keep a rotation of spawning the npc back, so when the main boss is killed, itll no longer spawn it instantly (confusing you guys)
^ It will wait until the boss you originally started (the solo boss) is killed.
- Added new combat phases to Azazel.
- Made it so when azazel is being piled she won't just "freeze" and sit there & not know what to do.
- Can no longer use DTD on Azazel
- Azazel will now give you an key to use on the blood box if the key doesn't go to your inventory, it is dropped under your feet. (the chest isn't available yet, but the keys will start rolling out).
- New homepage available, matches our donator store.
- Fixed the Donator Slayer Task teleport "Kalphite Queen" now brings you to the right spot, not a dark area.
- Glory teleport in above 30 wilderness will no longer delete the glory if you can't teleport.
- Fixed it so now when clicking tab when a VIP pm's you, it will no longer show @cr36@ "name": message, and will now go through to that player.

Thank you so much for your patience <3 please reload your clients.