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Thread: New Loyalty Points Shop, Boss updates, and staffhub?!

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    Talking New Loyalty Points Shop, Boss updates, and staffhub?!

    Hey guys, as you know. I multi-task doing 10 different tasks at once, making sure I come together to get a daily list of assorted new stuff, bugs, and fixes overall. I would like to announce mostly new stuff this update, including boss phases!

    Update Log :

    - Flash sale now applies to both limited time shops gold & donator.
    then using this same username but with extra spaces " " at the end. Logged in both at once, drop items and drop trade.
    - When you take apart the Toxic Staff of The Dead you get the proper items now.
    - Replaced Donated Amount with VIP Points in Quest tab, because in the donator panel you have access to see your donated amount its more convienent overall.
    - Mini bm boss now has a script in his combat, so it will base by transformation, and then hp as well.
    - Nerfed the heal rate on the Azazel boss
    - Loyalty store has been re-done
    - New Staff Hub Zone ( ::staffhub )
    - The prayer for each azazel boss is now working.
    - Azazel soulsplit phase will now heal when under 10k hp 1/3 phases bases on the amount of people he hits * the amount of people.
    - Azazel MINI now has a melee rape phase. Where he will melee you a ton, with a special attack in between.
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