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Thread: Super juicy updates!

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    Super juicy updates!

    Hey guys, so more progress on the new boss as promised every update. I want it to be bug free when the official release of it happens! So I continue to have you guys test it, I check how it is running with you guys as a team doing it. Because, I am one person. Unable to do team work by my self.

    - New duel arena actual arena area map.
    - New limited time donator shop items.
    - Unused login messages have been removed (the hidden rank stuff)
    - Now when uncharging Toxic staff of the dead, you will receive the proper item to charge.
    - Removed code in our PLAYER SAVES the reason this is important, is because it reduces the lag overall on the character when
    loading & exiting your character save (logging in & out)
    - Connection Lost - Please wait text has been re-explained, and now has been changed.
    - Fixed some item prices to assure the stability of what protects over what (about 10-15 items)
    - When killing the new Azazel boss, it will switch phases correctly (even after killed)
    - When killing the new Azazel boss, if you die in the minions room, it will bring you outside the room (not lose items), and will make the boss harder
    - If you kill the Azazel boss and nobody is in the solo room boss, then it will instantly remove the solo boss. (Where the main loot is)
    - Azazel now has a heal phase, when the other boss isnt being knocked down in 10,000 increments.
    - When killing azazel boss with someone in the room, it will auto-tele the mini boss with 20k hp and soulsplit to the main island.

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