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Thread: Boss tests, for testers (be aware, you do lose items)

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    Cool Boss tests, for testers (be aware, you do lose items)

    Hey guys! We are one step closer to the boss, so I have the overall I call it "shell" of the boss. Meaning, I have the main things done, now all I have to do is the combat. So I welcome you to test the boss.

    What should be happening with the boss right now:

    When you attack him, he will spawn a MINI him on the side-island near you. (A soloer must take this job to kill this.)

    When you drop the big boss by 5k hp, it will switch phases and prayers (you can tell by the color of the wings, and its overhead prayer).

    He does not do too much damage yet, as I said. We've worked on the "Shell" overall mechanics of it.

    Now when some body is in the island room attacking the solo boss, it will reduce the damage done by the big boss the team is attacking.

    This is it for the new boss so far. Please do tell me if there is bugs. (IT IS NOT PERFECT YET NOR INTENDED TO BE. But, What I displayed should work) the mini boss has no combat yet at all.

    Update Log :

    - Infernal axe now works for woodcutting
    - Loads of boss work, now it has 3 different npc ids which will have 3 different prayers.
    I will make it transform and switch prayers each time.
    - Imported new Duel arena maps. - Changed the spawn of teleporting to duel arena.
    - You can now use the private hosted gambling area.
    - You can now roll your dice in the private hosted gambling area (only in the pillar areas)
    - Of course, more stability fixes with things I see while coding. To assure we're running at our best.
    - Added about 5 new currencys
    - Added textures to previous currencys to make them stand out and noticable.
    - Can now swap your currencys in with the Ticket Exchanger for almost every currency.
    - New shops (Skilling, Boss, Currencies added to their shops as well.)
    - Moved some shops, added some, and seperated some.
    - Seren godbow is now best in slot bow.
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    great work to see all these progress <3

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