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Thread: Up to date currency guide

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    Question Up to date currency guide

    Here are the prices for the new currency:

    Yellow - 1M GP

    Red - BM Point or 1M BM (can be exchanged at the box at the new blood zone at a rate of 1,000,000 BM for 1 Blood Point. The new boss "Azazel" will also drop these new blood points. Save your blood points and blood money as the shop will have more items added!

    Blue - Boss Point (2M EACH)

    Cyan - Slayer Points (NO PRICE OR SHOP YET. CANNOT GET THEM)
    (these are not the same slayer pts as the ones you get
    for completing tasks. These points will be dropped (1 per kill)
    and can and will be used to buy wilderness weapons, gear,
    and to enter boss instances.. these are also 100% tradeable.

    Magenta (Purple) - Skill Points (150k-200k EA)

    White - Vote Points (10m or so each)

    Orange - Custom Points (around 1B each, takes roughly 50
    or more for a custom out of the new shop that is coming)

    This guide will be updated frequently so stay tuned.
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