Hey guys, the reason for the fast update is the bugs! I am defeating them, and we haven't crashed since I've been on top of them! I think we're finally getting the results we've been waiting for now at a sufficient pace.

So let's get on with them updates shall we

- Fixed a pet issue in the upgrade station (nobody will ever know this one)
- Found out the new boss we're making, it's the "Azazel" (has been added in 3 different phases)
- Removed one piece of the tutorial, implementing another (showing almighty josh & cows)
- Something random around home will give you an halloween costume to wear for halloween
- Fixed the gate in the blood money boss area, to bring you inside of the boss room (when finished)
- Removed a lot of useless junk in our NPCHandling functions.
- Removed a lot of unused functions in your player files to reduce the lag time it takes to load in game.

The bug with the upgrade system could be a server crashing bug, so I had to do it asap. I hope you understand my endurance on this.