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Thread: Bloodmoney Boss incoming!

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    Cool Bloodmoney Boss incoming!

    So it's not in yet, but it's near. We even provided a custom map for you guys to preview, and get a sneak peak as to what's to come! It will be different, unique, and very fun of course.

    Now let's get to what is current in-game right now : Update Log :

    - Added a new blood money boss map (is in now for display, next update will contain the contents in it.
    - That red portal at home now teleports you to our new blood money boss map
    - More stability fixes upon the server, to reduce memleak
    (p.s : these stability fixes actually work, we haven't been crashing)
    - Fixed not gaining exp with magic.
    - Moved the zulrah guys to zulrah teleport spot. (proper area - also removes cluster at home)
    - Fixed curses protect from item can now use this curse prayer.
    - ::Vip should now claim your vip rank.
    - Fixed a big error everytime creates an account, which eventually could cause memleak
    (this bug was the reason you had to click to walk, in order to choose your exp rates when making an account)
    - When welcoming new players it will only welcome them once now
    - Added a new staffzone for staff members.
    - New blood money shop too in the game! (THE BOSS WILL BE OUT SOON)

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    great update, nice work

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    can't wait to try this new boss out! fantastic updates keep it up!

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