Hey guys, I got a small list of updates today for you guys, and this is good.. really good! The reason I say this, is because our stability previously wasn't all that well. Now we have a huge upgrade & bounce in our stability, and shouldn't crash ever as far as I know.

Update Log :

- Fixed pet upgrade storage, will now stop printing errors that didn't exist. Caused disconnect & bug
- Also fixed the pet upgrade price saying it took 25m from your bank when using your bank.
- Included instructions on ::vote, to ::claimvotes when finished.
- Removed excess "received string" command prompt spam. - Reducing CPU & memoryleak
- New ONYX Staff implemented in the game
- New $15 Mystery Boxes for my Elite members trying to open Celestial M boxes
- Removed ToB requirements from Comp Cape so people can achieve it.
- Fixed a error caused by Blood Mystery Box ("tier")
- Fixed the vote xp boost you receive from ::claimvotes
- Removed bots, completely from the server