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Thread: Tons of bug fixes, and a new Exclusive Custom!

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    Post Tons of bug fixes, and a new Exclusive Custom!

    Hey players, I am doing an update today to make sure we have stability fixes, and to assure we run a smooth, non-buggy server. I also added an exclusive custom the "Troll Face", an exp vote.

    - Nerfed slayer key availability, it was like 1/2.3 chance of getting it.
    - Made every 30 minutes an announcement pop up saying we offer $5 donation credit per referral
    - Removed the use of the Well of Goodwill.
    - Shortened our tutorial a ton, so new players don't skip it and can learn more about home.
    - Removed admin item on player, and a couple useless one's that nobody could achieve.
    - Controlled exp will now give controlled exp strength attack and defense.
    - Fixed a ton of bug producing errors once approx every 30 minutes too the command prompt.
    - Fixed flower poker (behind the scenes was throwing a ton of errors, and some times wouldn't plant right away) now will take only 30 seconds to disappear, previously was 60 seconds.
    - When ::claimvotes you now receive a 30 minute double exp buff. (Saves your time if you need to logout)
    - Vote XP Buff now replaces the WOGW: Slot.
    - When you click the World Map you now have an option to goto the homepage or vote.
    - Magnifying glass tab clicking price guide, guides, etc will now bring you to the right spot.
    - Added a "troll face" mask custom, for all my trolls out there.
    - Improved the stability of everyones client, removing some excess coding, handling a couple methods a better way.
    - Fixed a PM error that would throw errors in command prompt and possibly cause your pms not to go through.

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    keep up the great work.

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