- Introduction -

Hello players, for upcoming updates I have planned are going to be a main-focus of bug fixing, and seasonal updates to bring together fun events and get some rares that won't be available in upcoming events.

- Client Updates -

- The launcher is now fixed and no longer needs to be updated, it will always open & no longer crash.
- The client now has a discord button.
- Client will now display portions of home map instead of ToB on loading.
- Did some minor client fixes, removed excess code pulling non-sense data. (smoothened it out)

- Server Updates -
- Crystal pickaxe from the vote shop now works.
- Using staff of the dead with the magic fang will create an uncharged toxic trident.
- Deflect prayers will now work when trying to protect pray.
- Did some re-working to :layers to have priority display
- Can now use bones on altar in ::dz
- Inquisitors mace now has stats.
- Removed cow slayer task
- Made it so you can't even drop "Pet andy" since it drops & nulls.

- Seasonal Updates -
- Halloween themed home for the event coming

- Leaked Updates -
Infernal max cape - purple (in the works, already updated in-game and can be worn)

- In Conclusion -
I would like to thank everyone for your patience, I am coming to a conclusion that we're very packed with unique content. I need to put my main-focus on our past content, and get everything bug-free before doing much more new content. It causes more and more bugs added on a list. Because new content, comes new bugs. Thank you <3