When you would like to apply for any staff position on the server, please use the format down below. We wish you the best of luck on your application.

Name and In-game name:




Where do you currently live?:

How long have you been part of MisteX? (Please include a screenshot of playtime):

How much time can you spend as a staff member?:

Are you active in-game as well as on the forums/discord?:

Why would you like to be a part of MisteX's staff team?:

Describe your strengths:

Describe your weakness(es):

Why do you think you should be accepted over any other?:

Do you have any experience in being staff? (Either on an rsps, or on an other platform):

What do you hope to achieve as a staff member?:

Do you understand that if you abuse staff powers, break the rules, or don't act up as a staff member, you will be demoted and possibly banned, depending on what you've done?:

Do you wish to include something else in your application?: