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Thread: Updates 9/20/20

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    Post Updates 9/20/20

    Hey guys! Doing some late night updates, the only reason I'm doing these updates when I said every three days is for clear better ways of handling things and more. I think it's best for me to release at the pace of fixing the things needing to be fixed..

    Therefore, let's get on with it!

    Update Log :
    - Fixed collosal platelegs model in inventory - (THIS WILL SHOW WHEN I UPDATE THE CLIENT ON 9/23/20)
    - Changed the way of claiming vip, you'd simply type ::vip (the same command in order to get to the link)
    - Sponsor VIP now have x2 chance of the 1/1000 drop table at Solak. (now 1/500)
    - Removed ::deeptele from Sponsor telee
    - Removed the amount of spam chat in the beginning when you log in
    - Cleaned up the amount of things loading when you login, to remove possible disconnections & "overheap memleak"
    - Removed ::gimpanel completely too many bugs with it for right now.
    - Fixed the logout system, now no longer will say "You can not logout 10 seconds after combat."
    - Changed value of Magma blowpipe to 12M so you can now not "drop" it every time.
    - Added a new Launcher! Make sure you download it @
    ^ This Launcher contains links always open for MistexPS, a Status if we're Online or Offline, it also contains some music for the background. It's a BIG update for our launcher, cause our other launcher was kinda poopoo.
    - Limited Time Donator Shop has been updated!
    - Highscores have been added!

    Auto-Donation system will be back up next update : Did some tests in this update to block out the bad and make the good come to life.
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