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Thread: Updates 9/15/20

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    Post Updates 9/15/20

    Hey guys, so we've been working so hard on the latest updates, so we've implemented something unlike Mistex to implement before. I think this is such a good benefit, since people we're getting cleaned, we're trying to add a nice system to gambling, and fixing up home to add skilling events.

    Update log :

    - Your pet will now fix it self & teleport to you after being 3 + square's away from you.
    - Fixed almighty josh gate
    - Elder maul now requires 75 and 75 now 87 and 87 (strength & attack)
    - Fixed So you cannot plant two flowers in one spot any more.
    - Updated the in-game ::gamble zone, thanks to space!
    - Added a new Starter Crate for new players recommended buy to help them get started off when donating (instead of getting just one or two items)
    - Added a rehab zone in gamble, incase one needs to calm down so they don't get cleaned. (It will not let you leave the area, if you some how do, itll bring you back) 30 minute timer
    - A new currency 1M Blood money & 1M Coin currency.
    - An npc to remind you you can swap your bm & coins for a bigger value token.
    - :layers interface re-work (so much coming!)
    - Fixed Nightmare's drop rate a TON!
    - The Grand Tree Seed Pod now no longer has a 7 minute timer.
    - You can use coins on the Coin Bank down in the center of gamble.
    - New ::gamble command.
    - Added an solak event, so we can team together with x2 drop rates for torva!
    - Added slayer key event for x2 slayer keys when activated for both wilderness & normal slayer.
    - You now can only plant flowers in ::gamble zone, on flower poker area/zone.
    - Deposit box now works at ::gamble, you can now use an item on it and it'll bank all of that item.
    - New home design!

    Thank you guys for all your support, and I hope you enjoy the updates


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    thx alot Josh and Space for great work on it. looks sexy as fk there.

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