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Thread: Updates 9/12/20

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    Post Updates 9/12/20

    Hey guys! A dupe was brought to my attention, and I made sure we patched it within 3 hours of me finding out about it. So please, understand why I'm still doing the updates daily. I know I said every 3 days but I think it's best if I release these type of updates ASAP.

    Update log :

    - Fixed up the looting bag a bit, so you will no longer collect items if you have 28 or more in your bag.
    - Now, you won't be able to pick up items while "dead" stage.
    - More handy way of handling the ::edz minigame, I made it put your name in a query to see if you're in the minigame.
    - Completely fixed a dupe brought to our attention
    - Can now teleport from Void knight area & some instanced areas.
    - ::checkxp command also gives accurate time on xp tokens

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    Excellent work Josh, thank you for the update/fix!

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    Thank god the player who brought it to our attention

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    Small but important updates my G.
    Great work!

    - Ben

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