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Thread: Updates 9/11/20

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    Post Updates 9/11/20

    Hey guys, I have a few updates to announce to you! Some fixes, and some awesome content fixed in the NEW Edz!

    Update Log :

    - Did some updates with almighty josh, now when you die, you will be spawned out side of almighty josh & not lose items.
    - Now he will reset automatically upon death, allowing everyone to continue to vote right after.
    - Completed the base of the EDZ Skilling minigame in which requires a partner. More coming to it.
    - No longer receive 5 mistex surprise boxes on vote, either 1 or 2 depending on if its double votes.
    - Fixed up EDZ Anvil near bank requirements, now requires 99 (grind to 200M), the other one is walk distance.
    - Can no longer ::bank in edz.
    - Moved some of the fishing spots in edz. (not scattered near minigame area)
    - XP Token will now display the correct time in quest tab.
    - The magic birdhouse in ::edz now works flawless. Providing free XP in farming every 14 minutes, saving the time left upon logging out.
    - Fixed anglerfish not giving you noted anglerfish when donating for it. Now it will.
    - Added the donator points store, in which you can purchase Donator Keys and use them on the chest by the little bridge at ::edz
    - Will now gain a random amount of 5-10 donator points per 30 minutes of activity & being in EDZ (NOT AFK, MUST BE MOVING MOUSE, CLICKING, OR DOING SOMETHING)
    - Ultimate ironmans looting bag, will no longer go to the bank.
    - Fallen Star will Now give Stardust

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    Thank you for your hard work!

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    Amazing work!

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