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Thread: Updates 9/10/20

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    Post Updates 9/10/20

    Hey guys! Long week, reason I say this. Is we have been striving to get this ::edz out for you as soon as possible for a complete re-work, we believe that you weren't given as much as you should have been. Now we're going to be content packed at ::edz. It is NOT finished but has a LOT more content than previously. I think you guys will be more amazed at the final outcome, but will be more happy with the current outcome, since it overall still has more than you probably expected.

    Update Log :

    - Shadow sigil drop now says "Shadow sigil" not Unnamed
    - All Ironman's will For sure be able to access ::vipz shops
    - ::checkxp command, to be able to see how much time remaining you have on your xp in minutes format.
    - Space finished the new EDZ maps.
    - I started working on the objects we're importing into the EDZ maps
    (examples: thieving stall #1, thieving stall #2 , bank counter #1, bank counter #2, Magic Birdhouse For Farming Skill, Woodcutting (NEW TREES FOR ITEMS FOR THE MINIGAME) )
    - Fixed avas of accumulator with blowpipe
    - EDZ now provides a lot more exp while using the anvil there.
    - If you're not idle in edzone you get donator points.
    - Voting will now automatically give you a box.
    - Falling star now counts as mining rocks achievement.
    - You can make cannonballs & craft zenyte gem at EDZ and will get x2 exp when using the furnace.

    Thank you guys so much for your patience, and I'd like to say. We're going to switch our update scheduling to every 3 days.
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    Amazing work as always Josh,
    And big up to Space for helping out!

    - Ben

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    So excited!

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