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    Welcome to the Official Mistex Price Guide.

    Vote Tickets: 9-10M each
    Blood Money: 3K-4K each

    Seren Godbow: 4-5B+
    Seren Godbow with Skins: 8-10B
    Zaryte Bow: 650M-1.2B
    Decimation: 4-7B
    Rainbow Spirit Shield - 4-6B
    Elysian Spirit Shield - 4B+
    Divine Spirit Shield - 4.5B+
    Arcane Spirit Shield - 3.2B+
    Spectral Spirit Shield - 2-2.6B
    Shadow Spirit Shield - 4-6B
    Reflective Spirit Shield - 5.5B+

    Ganodermic Helm: 1.8-2B
    Ganodermic Plate: 1.8-2B
    Ganodermic Legs: 1.8-2B
    Pernix Cowl: 800-1B
    Pernix Top: 800-1B
    Pernix Chaps: 800-1B
    Virtus Hood: 800-1B
    Virtus Robe Top: 800-1B
    Virtus Robe Bottom: 800-1B
    Justiciars Helm: 600m-800m
    Justiciars Plate: 600m-800m
    Justiciars Leg: 600m-800m
    Justiciars Shield: 300m+
    Justiciars Sword: 750m+
    Fire Shield (In vote shop): 1.2-1.5B

    Uncut Onyx: 5-7M each
    Zenyte: 50M+
    Amulet of Fury: 10M each
    Amulet of Torture: 100M+
    Anguish Necklace: 100M+
    Occult necklace: 100M+

    Magma Blowpipe: 3B+
    Toxic Blowpipe: 100M+
    Blood Scythe of Vitur: 7.5B+
    Scythe of Vitur: 3.5B+
    Blood Skin Perk (Scythe of Vitur) 850M+
    Dragon Claws: 860M+

    Torva full helm: 3B+
    Torva platebody: 3.2B+
    Torva platelegs: 3.2B+

    Non-Animated Partyhats/Hween Masks: 80M+
    Blue Partyhat: 1B-1.2B (Can be used with spectacles to create Partyhat & Specs, 1.2B in shop)

    Animated Partyhats:

    Mistex (Infernal) Partyhat: 300M-800M
    Infernal Rainbow Partyhat: 20-25B
    Infernal Coloured Partyhats: 6-10B
    Dark Sparkle Partyhat: 11-13B
    Glowing h'ween: 4-6B
    Spooky h'ween: 8B+
    Celestial Partyhat: 10B

    Twisted Bow: 4B+
    Infernal Bow (i): 6.5B+
    Superior Twisted Bow: 8B+
    Sanguinesti Staff: 4B+
    Gilded Sang: 4.8B+
    Twisted crossbow: 2B+
    Blood Twisted Bow: 6B+
    Frost Twisted Bow: 6B+
    Gilded Twisted Bow: 5B+
    Ghrazi Rapier: 5B+
    Gilded Ghrazi Rapier: 7B+

    Pegasian Boots: 110-130M
    Primordial Boots: 90-110M
    Eternal Boots: 120-165M
    Stones for boots: 60M+
    Ranger Boots: 10-20m
    Infinity Boots: 30-50m

    Rare mystery box: 350M+

    Inquisitors great helm: 1.5+
    Inquisitors halbark: 3B+
    Inquisitors legs: 3B+

    Boogie bow: 200M+

    Blood boogie bow: 850M+

    Obliteration: 3-5B

    Armadyl Godsword: 400M+
    Saradomin Godsword: 45M+
    Zamorak Godsword: 50M+
    Bandos Godsword 45M+

    Vanguard helmet: 700M+
    Vanguard body: 700M+
    Vanguard legs: 700M+
    Vanguard gloves: 350M+
    Vanguard boots: 350M+

    Grotesque helm: 400M+
    Grotesque body: 2B+
    Grotesque legs: 2B+

    Frostbite grotesque helm: 750M+
    Frostbite grotesque body: 3B+
    Frostbite grotesque legs: 3B+

    Kril hat: 600M+
    Kril body: 600M+
    Kril legs: 600M+

    Ancestral pieces: 350M+ each

    Fremmy Rings: 2M non-imbued, 4m+ imbued

    To be continued..

    Notice: This guide is updated frequently. Type "::Thread 390" for quick access ingame.
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    Thank you, now Im not as clueless to what prices are and Im kinda shook thinking back on some of the trades I made in the past looking at some of these prices.

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