Hey guys! Long & rough day, trying to upgrade the VPS and more.

So good news, we're swapped over to a NEW vps. This means you MUST download the new client, or if you're using the launcher, you must simply reload your client & allow the client to download all the recent updates.

That being said, I also took focus around the overall fundamentals and game-breaking errors that were causing disconnects. I think it's safe to say that most are gone. If you find any, please report ASAP.

Next, I've worked on things that people have requested, alongside right-clicking pet's and more.

Let's move on to the updates today shall we

Update Log :

- Angel of death now counts as undead & demon. So you can use your amulet against it, or arclight & undead spells.
- Made over 50 pets right-clickable to pickup instead of accidentally missclicking.
- Added tome of fire buff.
- Agility courses now provide more exp than before (people complained it was like runescape), when finishing it gives a bonus (Seers & Draynor)
- Berserk effect has a berserk effect when fighting Angel of Death & Any Demons.
- More pets with more effects
- Upon logging in, it tells you what world event is going on.
- Donations will now auto-claim upon logging in.
- The Almighty josh now tells you the exact number you need until you unlock him (also upon login it will tell you)
- The Almighty josh will now reset automatically, so I don't have to reset him.
- Fully imported the Veteran Rank.
- Gave my self an owner crown to seperate my self.
- Got a new VPS with x2 the speed so hopefully, we don't run into the D/C issue.
- Removed various useless code, in which could cause a 0.002 delay tick per task.