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Thread: Updates 9/6/20

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    Post Updates 9/6/20

    Hey guys, I got some updates to share with you. This is some big news, new items are introduced and the new items are also dropped by new bosses!

    Update Log:

    - Fixed some (missing) items.
    - Temporary Removed The Lottery System Until Further Notice.
    - Made Boogie bow a harder bow to achieve by nightmare
    - Toxic Noxious Set Now provides a 20% Buff when not in wildy, 10% when in wildy, 50% on almighty josh, and 70% on Angel of Death
    - Added more to Angel of Death boss, including toxic noxious.
    - Removed boogie bow drop from Corporeal beast and also made divine harder than Elysian Sigil.

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    nice! thanks for the updates

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    nice update!

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