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Thread: Updates 9/5/20

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    Post Updates 9/5/20

    Oh boy! I did a lot of making up for the other day I missed. Here is a long list of lovely updates, mainly working on important things that needed to be done & some things yall had recommended and some annoying things that didn't work.

    Now I really hope you enjoy all the time I took, and how efficiently and fast I pushed this update out..

    Update log :

    - Made blessings give +6 prayer instead +1
    - Tztok-jad pet will now provide a hidden hitpoints exp buff.
    - Cows now drop essential useful stuff, like crystal bow basic, crystal keys, and xp tokens to help you progress.
    - Made it so Sponsor VIP Ironmans can use the ::vipz shop.
    - Can now charge your toxic staff of the dead/uncharged toxic staff with zulrah scales.
    - Nightmare staff's (outside of wilderness) now have a 1/5 chance to hit 60% damage instead of nightmares original 50%
    - Bandos event is now changed to GODWARS event, so all drop chances in godwars are x2.
    - Made it so for a whole 7 minutes, imbued heart will keep your buff.
    - Changed prices of the zulrah helmets. Incase alchers find that neccessary & have duplicates.
    - Magma blowpipe has a 1/40 chance to provide the burning effect.
    - Temporary chucked on the toxic blowpipe special attack on to the magma blowpipe to keep you guys happy.
    - You now gain boss points & pvm when killing solak
    - Speed up the infernal bow (i)
    - Solak has a 1/800 chance to drop 50,000,000 coins for EVERYONE killing him.
    - Fixed "Unarmed (33746)" name to Jack-o-bat when it pops up in the achieved rare message.
    - Added 5 random text phrases to Angel of Death boss instead of his two basics.
    - Created Dajjals special attack for his weapon
    - Added bow string to ironman shop
    - Added the Grand Tree Seed Pod can teleport like a glory with it (inventory click without having to right click glory)
    - Gate Entrance to KBD works now.
    - Added Grand Tree Seed pod to vote/pvm shop

    Please show your appreciation by commenting on this thread letting us know how we did.
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