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Thread: Updates 9/4/20

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    Post Updates 9/4/20

    Hey guys, so sorry for late update. People have been getting their customs, and I have to dedicate time to get those in priority wise. Also, keeping in regular updates to keep all players happy. Now let's take a look at the updates we got for the day

    [Previous client update - Now imported in this update.]
    - Removed a lot of useless overhead sprites for objects causing generated lag in certain areas of the map.

    - Decimation buff doesn't work in wilderness
    - Sang staff now shows the correct combat interface no longer punch kick and defend
    - Took Mistex Phat's out of boxes.
    - Mistex partyhat is unavailable in boxes
    - JJ Boots buff.
    - JJ's new staff.
    - JJ's new armour
    - Fixed solaks respawn timers
    - Italys pet buff completed
    - Royal crossbow now shows the name in drop
    - Royal crossbow now has accuracy buff.
    - Solak has a few more drops added to him
    - Sponsor VIP now get x2 oddskulls from Angel of Death boss.
    - Auto keys will work with slayer keys 100%
    - Solak now drops torva.
    - Worked on the clan bot a lot more, added the almighty josh drop. Also, added role checking for upper staff
    - Nerfed slayer key 3 chance in wildy.
    - Zilyana Godbow will now provide range exp instead of strength & will give your range strength damage.
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