Hey guys, I have some exciting fixes you guys have been asking for. It's more than the basics, and its everything that has been in the #bugs & #suggestions. Now bare in mind, some of the updates require some more technical work to it, than just fixing one or a couple things, it requires tons more work than I can do on one thing. Right now, I am trying to knock out all the updates that don't take a million headbutts to the wall.

Update log :
- Sang staff now saves charges, didnt previously
- Buffed decimation it now does 50% extra damage every 1/8 chance.
- Almighty Josh boss now requires 100 votes to enter.
- Dagannoth now count as dagannoth task.
- Can no longer get exp at bones to peaches by pressing 0.
- Armadyl & minions will count toward slayer task.
- Infernal warhammer & (i) special attack will no longer disconnect players when used in pvp.
- Fixed boogie bow spec in pvp disconnecting players.
- VIP effects for saving arrows now works with blowpipes
- Magma blowpipe now has a fixed damage and is better than blowpipe
- Added magic scissors to the ironman shop
- Tons of Almighty Josh boss buffs.

[Future next client update]
- Removed a lot of useless overhead sprites for objects causing generated lag in certain areas of the map.