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Thread: [Valid TILL SUNDAY] Mistex Donation Promo

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    [Valid TILL SUNDAY] Mistex Donation Promo

    Mistex Donation Promotion----------------------------------------------------**Promotion will run starting Sunday 8/30 and will conclude Saturday 9/5All donations $5+ will be rewarded 1.5x Donator shards**All Donations above $100+ will be reward 2x Donator shardsANY DONATIONS THAT EXCEED $250+ WILL BE REWARDED WITH A SPECIAL ONE OF A KIND ITEM FOR THEIR SUPPORT AND A FREE MONTH OF SPONSOR VIP!All 07 Gold donations have been given a buff to the rates of .90/1m (Which exceeds ANY rsps and gold selling website by .10-.30 cents)All donations via 07 gold are NOT excluded from this offerBE SURE TO PM JOSH OR ALPHABETSOOP AFTER DONATING OR TO DONATE 07 GP!

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    nice / also more of this will also bring more people and more people will get to donate less and get more :P

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