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Thread: Updates 8/30/20

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    Post Updates 8/30/20

    Hey guys! I have some more updates late night for you guys, some dedication and a lot of dedication in grinding, I promise we're going to get this server in perfect shape soon! We're coming boys, and all the good updates are coming! We're on the way to the top, and this is my way of showing you guys, I am appreciative. With daily updates, consistently.

    - Vip Points Save now.
    - Fixed granite maul special attack, now instant ticks upon switching weapons (for the most part)
    - Added a new VIP store for "Exclusive items"
    - Nightmare Barrier now is fixed.
    - Magma blowpipe has been buffed and is better than the regular blowpipe
    - Added more possible events.
    - Mining fix.
    - You can now buff your eternal boots
    - Magma blowpipe will now save your darts & ammo as well upon logout (the disappearing bug)
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    The barrier fix is a literal saving grace. Thank you for the updates!

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