Hey guys, so I decided to do something new. So, the event will end on September 15th 2020
now just so you guys know the giveaway is going to be $50 in Donator Tokens! It is definitely a big favor for us, so we heavily reward you for it.

I want to have a REALLY good trailer video I can post on the Mistex page, zoom in effects, etc

Something similar to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U32CPG6psr4

Format :

Time - 1 - 2 Minutes.
Show off - Angel of Death, Nightmare, Void Knight Champion, Solak, Raids, Pet buffs.
Edits - Clip nonsense, and do good Zoom effects, and remove long combat. Make each clip 5-15 seconds

Reward :
$50 Donator Tokens