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Thread: vorkath guide

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    vorkath guide


    This Guide will help you kill vorkath, each kill takes 1-3minutes depending on gear.

    GEAR: You can use any range gear from black d'hide + rune c'bow since it's an easy/medium boss, you only need to get used to it.

    SUPPLIES: Get sharks, Range pots and antifre pots

    Must Do: take crumble undead runes.

    To go to vorkath you simply need to talk to the wizard, select bosses and click on vorkath

    Let's talk about his attacks, as you know Vorkath has different dragonfires.
    The first one is a simple dragon fire, i recommend drinking antifire potion to take 0 damage.
    firewave but green.jpg
    The second one it's the same but green...
    The pink one Disables your prayer, so use quick prayers or simply do it manually.

    This one is one of the most dangerous attacks since it can one shot you, it's a powerful - but slow big dragon fire to evade this just move to another tile or take a few steps backward.

    This attack is a white dragon fire, it will freeze you and summon a zombified spawn, use crumble undead on it to insta kill it. if you fail to click on it or forget to take runes, you are not going to survive this attack.

    This instance starts when vorkath has 350hp or less hp, where vorkath launches acid around the arena and proceeds to fire a barrage of 25 dragonfires at the player, you can simply attack and move. if you can't, then simply run around vorkath until this instance is over.

    And that's all! you kill vorkath to get his head and attach it to the ava's accumulator and make it an assembler wich gives +8 range attack and +2 ranged strength.

    psdt: sorry for my english it's my third language if you find any mistake let me know!
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    Ive never known how to do Vorkath til now! thank you so much!

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    May give Vorkath a go now there's a guide!

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    thanks for this guide it helped alot!

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