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Thread: Gino's Staff Application

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    Gino's Staff Application

    Username: Gino

    I'm playing Mistex now since like 4 weeks or more, not sure about it
    but rs now since more then 10 years and p server like 5 years.

    ingame i think the most ppl will know me becouse im active like 10-12h per day in my timezone (cest)

    on my timezone at the morning there isnt that much staff online becouse most of them are sleeping/working becouse the different time zone. and thats the time i can help the server alot to handle issues or new players. start server tours for new players and more.

    i got a good knowledge about the server to help players with questions about it and more.

    my little weakness is maybe my language because it is not my main language.but I think so far everyone has always understood me

    im trying my best to be active in-game ,forum and discord. and help wherever i can.

    so if u guys think im the right one and can help the server grow i would be happy to be part of the team.

    Greetings Gino
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    Thank you for our application, you will be duely noted as we continue our decisions for the best possible staff member to be suit our team.

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