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Thread: Kohlbsterpk's Helper Staff Position

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    Kohlbsterpk's Helper Staff Position

    Hey! It's Kohlbsterpk!
    I would like to apply for the Helper position.

    I believe that I would be a great part of the team because everyone loves a great helper when they are just starting out on the server, etc. I am very friendly and I personally asked a lot of questions when I first joined this amazing server just to know where/what everyone was. Since I am learning more and more as I play, I can definitely teach new and growing players the way around! I would definitely take pride in my staff rank if I achieved this rank and make sure that this community is very spotless of questions!

    I am available around 3-5 hours a day depending on what times I will be off/on of work, since I have 2 jobs irl. Most likely it will vary a bit but I will be on as much as possible for sure!
    My timezone is Mountain Time, since I live in Montana State.

    Thank you for allowing me to apply for staff! - Kohlbsterpk

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    Thanks for your application, we'll keep you in mind as we continue our search for the best possible mistex staff.

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