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09-10-2020 by Josh
Some sick new content has been implemented! We love the playerbase behind every genre. So we decided to create a gamble zone!

Thanks to our Administrator Space, he has created it, and I coded it! Lovely content and consistent growth with Mistex, we strive for perfection and will never stop.
Not to mention, a whole new home re-create. We've made home look and feel like home now! It's no longer seperated in some sort.

09-10-2020 by Josh
Some Donators thought it was discouraging to donate such a high amount ($100+).

Thanks to our Administrator Space, we have re-worked our Extreme Donator Zone and implemented a ton of new features to it and UPCOMING features.
09-10-2020 by Josh
We implemented the Almighty Josh as a vote boss! This idea is very unique, and comes once - twice per day.

The things you can get from this boss are amazing. You can't go wrong, you can get one of the best in slot Tribrid Armour Diabolic. Diabolic armour can be viewed on the picture above, on the boss wearing it.
12-16-2020 by Josh
So a lot of people with higher versions of Java than Java 8 are having problems with loading our client. I can see where this will be frustrating so decided to make it an all in one .zip file while we are working on a new Launcher behind the scenes. Please, extract the folder and run the .bat file. Thank you - Josh
12-16-2020 by Josh
Wonderful news! We listened to you, to add the Inquisitors armour as fast as possible to Nightmare boss. Also, we took our time to add in a Veteran rank to show our Loyal & Old Veteran members loyalty from our end.
12-09-2020 by Josh
Castlewars has been implemented in to Mistex, with all types of tests and bug checks we need our players (you) to come together and try to find as many bugs for the development team as we can. So far it is 70% and growing, we will complete it very soon.