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Mistex original blood money boss.

Scheduled Updates

We're organized! We schedule weekly updates, so you're prepared.


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Active Discord Community

We have a helpful discord channel, that can help you get through any problem!

Completely new updates!

Something has to change!

Oh yeah, something has to change! We've done a HUGE list of updates, and they're very important ones too.

Mistex has a brand new Client UI! When you're playing Mistex, it will feel a lot different, like it's own game now. Which is amazing, to take Mistex in it's own direction.

Update log

Welcome to Mistex RSPS

November Savior!

As we all know, Mistex has been rough the past few weeks. With the drama, and more. We bypass that, and continue to grow further. Bringing a new developer in the team, to bring in some professional and well committed updates. We will prosper and see well progress by 2021. Thank you all for your support in Mistex.

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Update log Windows


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