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[In-Game Dev Log #28] Updates

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    [In-Game Dev Log #28] Updates

    Hey Mistex members! Sorry I've been lacking on the HUGE list of updates, been running everything my self as well as developing. So here we are with this list of updates, and I hope you enjoy

    Update Log -

    - Added a Donator Coins Shop in DZ
    - Amulet of Glory will now lose charges when you teleport (worn, and inventory)
    - Fixed Obliteration Staff Overpowered Damage
    - Made hood of sorrow make the nightmare staff hit harder damage
    - Added mage stats to hood of sorrow (accuracy)
    - Fixed ::bank command now will send a seperate message letting you know you dont have enough donated, or if you're not in the right area, or it will open bank if you do have the amount.
    - Helper rank+ will now have ::teleto command to help out players in certain situations.
    - Did more nerfs on mage weapons
    - Rasta gear added to Donator -> Cosmetic slot!

    - I'm like 99% sure I fixed the previous disconnection bug, which should now no longer alter our server.
    - You will now receive loyalty points every 30 minutes.
    - Created an automatic system in agility handling so I can set an animation, location, EXP given, and the state progress you're on, to make CERTAIN parts of agility easier to breeze through
    - Added the burn effect to All infernal Weapons
    - Removed "Cycle: 1", "Cycle 2" showing for players when doing agility and some other activitys.
    - All battlestaff mage items will now show their combat display interface to bash, or autocast.
    - Nerfed starter wand (Hitting naturally naked 50s) Was based on Mage level, now if your mage level is higher than 50 it will set a base mage damage bonus
    Last edited by Josh; 07-31-2020, 11:18 PM.

    exelent bro awsommee !!