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[In-Game Dev Log #27] Updates

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    [In-Game Dev Log #27] Updates

    Hey Mistex so I'd like to inform everyone that I am currently the only developer of Mistex now. All updates promptly will come from me, and I'm sorry if some of you don't get your updates in fast enough; I am working to get all of them done as soon as possible! Please post more bugs & suggestions so I can keep posting these lists!

    - Update Log -

    - Fixed godwars dungeon doors. (door would disappear after the first time opening)
    - Fixed quest tab a tad bit -> moving the Bonus XP: over
    - Fixed over 25 pet item names so it won't show as a blank item when you receive it in the announcements.
    - Ballista should now hit higher than 12.
    - Nerfed a lot of mage weapons
    - Working on varrock agility, making it realistic; on step 3. (after the crosslines)
    - Dajjal's armour is now in-game
    - Dajjal's armour now has effects & boosts.
    - Linked a Starter Guide Command ::starterguide
    - Rasta outfit now in-game!
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