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[In-Game Dev Log #21] Updates

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    [In-Game Dev Log #21] Updates

    Oh boy oh boy do we have a lot of the fixes you guys have wanted! I would like to say thank you to Neonmoondust for performing these updates prior to FPK Merk's video coming out, to assure we have a lot of fixes done before it. Neon has stayed up ALL NIGHT to make sure this happened.

    Thank you everyone for your support <3

    Update log -
    -Pottery while trying to make Onyx Amulet fixed
    -WOGW Double rates x2 will now work properly giving you a chance of the an extra drop of any monster while active
    -Server will read your name properly and setting it to the game as First upperCase then Lowecases, as runescape
    -Anguish Neck will buff your Range Str properly
    -Adjusted Slayer Armour, now every piece will give you 5% dmg and 5% accuracy vs task. If you have full set will give you 35% dmg and 35% accuracy
    -Chaos altar has been fixed now will take your bones out with a 50% chance and also a chance of 1 in 50 to get a double exp drop
    -Fixed BlowPipe Hit distance, now it hits from 6 tiles between you and the Enemy, means that the enemy have to be on the Max on the 7th far to be able to hit him. Also made that the blowPipe add correctly his dmg + dart dmg.
    -Increment Speed attack on BlowPipe by 1 Tick
    -Made it so now Rights display in this order. Staff Rank -> Vip -> GameMode -> Donator. (This will be temp, till we implement the new Interface to change freely your icons in-game)
    - Neon (Made it so classics have an icon as well)
    -Fixed Log on Pets (NeonMoondust: Says so sorry)
    -GodsWar Dungueon minion now dont hit throw your prayer.
    -Entrance of Wyverdung were restricted to only able to be used infront of the door.
    -Baxes Combat interface will no longer display another interface.
    -Black Mask were adjusted to buff properly your dmg to your current task, this can be tested by having a current task and hitting the Max hit dummy at @home.
    -Wyverns no longer will hit with Dragon Breath through elemental shield
    -Dragon wings perk now affect addy dragons
    -Iron bar success has been adjusted to be 50%. -MysteryBoxes Spinning has been restricted to not let you open another box if you already did it till you finish your spin. But, if for some reason you close the window of the interface, it will return you the box that you just used (In this time will not let you open another box), after you receive the box you will be able to open the interface again and it will display the item that "you would receive if you wouldn't closed the interface"
    -Barrows gloves will appear after you complete RFD. (Also recipe from dissaster behaviour has been fixed and updated a bit making it a bit more fluent and also will not let you do again the minigame if you complete it.)
    - Fixed left side agility branch not climbing down (it now does)
    - Allowed all pets to be upgraded
    -Fixed farming exp



      Great updates. Awesome to see so many bugs being smoothed over and fixed!

      Edit: Josh gib OSRS graphics.