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[In-Game Dev Log #14] Updates

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    [In-Game Dev Log #14] Updates

    So for this update log I want to give a big thanks to our developers for working super hard. I have been main focused on goal targeting and doing owner side of the server rather than the developing side. So I want to give a big thanks to them for grinding super hard to produce a huge list of SWEET updates and allowing me to create this list.

    My Recent Missions/Tasks:
    - Mistex needs a homepage, and I'm sure we can all agree. To make the server stand out and have some more integration features/navigation features. This will also tie in a lot with our advertising/marketing/organic traffic

    Once we have a homepage, this will tie down a lot of things in order to reach the next step, which will be new graphics, and then an Ad on the most busiest server toplist (Runelocus).

    Moral of the story, I've been trying to get in contact with someone who will create us what we need, nothing cheap and nothing ugly. Something, fancy, and something catchy is what we need.

    Now let's get on with the updates.

    - Added Pet Storage to the game.
    For now Storage option and Deposit your summoned pet are the only working options.
    *Upcoming Features *
    -Summon your favorite pet by right clicking the Pet's Storage House
    -Visualization of all the pets in game with his respective perks in a Info windows Title: Pet's Interface
    - A Storage for any player in-game including Ironman and Ult. Ironman it used to keep organized pets with filters by perks, also give the option to take directly your summoned pet and store it or even Summon it from the interface, Saving lot of time in long runs where you depends of swap pets all the time. Also you can save your favorite Pet so you can instantly summon by One-Clicking. Logs of taking your pet from Bank to Storage gonna be only available till next update!. I know that Spam your chat, but in that way you can track which pet exactly you take and which pet you have in your bank!.


    Prayer Protection and Deflection has been buffed.
    - Now with most of the bosses will have a Chance of reduce the damage by 100% or 70% or 50% while prayers activated. (Before was always reducing the damage by 50%).
    - While fighting vs OLM on Chamber of Xeric Raid it gonna reduce the damage by 100% if you have the correct prayer activated with a chance of hit throw the prayer of 1 in 5 with reduced dmg of 50% (before was only reducing the damage by 50%).

    Monsters that didn't change:
    - Venenantis
    - Event Bosses (Tarn, general Graador).
    - Zulrah
    - Kraken

    - While fighting Normal monster will still nullifying the damage.

    - Added a new option to the donator panel that redirect your Home Teleport while clicking on Mage's book
    - Fixed Thermonuclear Smoke Crevice Entrance
    - Fixed Bank Booth on Varrock not working properly
    - Highscores now loads 50 instead of 25 users per page (we're loading up more)
    - Made the Get rankings Thread run, then close as to not result in a memory leak
    - The price to retrieve your lost items at Zulrah is 50% Cheaper for Donators of the Diamond or Higher ranking
    - Fixed that sometimes when you leave the trading post still showing on the inventory the options "Offer x amount"
    - Added gold ore to donator zone as well
    - Dragon Donator Fixed to use Bank-All with Item = Looting bag
    - Picking up ground items that are not specifically spawned for you will not go into your Looting bag

    Discord Bot Updates:
    - Commands from Discord will be removed automatically (Just like in game the command is never really sent to chat box, the Discord command is removed right away)
    - Bot now grabs the complete list of all channels and category's on runtime for proper communications

    Special Attack Fixes:
    - Korasi Sword Uses 60% of Special Power and Deals 120 - 320 % of weapon damage to the target as Magic Damage
    - Magic Shortbow and the Imbued version, now cost the proper values and modify the correct amounts
    - Saradomin Godsword has its Accuracy corrected
    - Saradomin Sword has it's Accuracy corrected
    - Saradomin Sword Blessed now Correctly deals 25% more Magic damage and accuracy is corrected
    - Statius Warhammer will now boost max damage by 25-125% and drain the target's def by 30%
    - Vesta Long now deals between 20 and 120% more damage to the attackers damage
    - Zamarok Godsword now has the correct modifiers
    More Special have the attack corrected, and more are to come, from here out I have to write in the remaining Specials as they currently do not exist, this means there are 26 more Special Attacks to come!
    - Abyssal Bludgeon: Now will increase your damage by 0.5% of each prayer point missing
    - Ancient Mace: Will restore your prayer for the amount damaged, and reduce your target's prayer for the same amount
    - Armadyl Godsword: Accuracy has been corrected
    - Ballisita: has had the Damage Modifier and Accuracy corrected
    - Bandos Godsword: now Correctly will dragon the Stats of the target
    - Barrelchest Anchor: Now reduces one of 4 skills by 10% of Damage Delt (Skills: Attack, Defense, Range, Magic)
    - Dark Bow has now been correct to have it's 2 specials depending if you have a Dragon Arrow or normal Arrow
    - Dragon Longsword no long boosts Accuracy by 25% as well as damage by 15%, and now only boost damage
    - Corrected Modifiers for the Dragon Mace
    - Corrected modifiers for Dragon Scimitar
    - Corrected PvP Damage for Dragon Warhammer, and NPC Special Attack as well

    VIP Features implemented:
    - Daily Reward now gives you 2 Boxes' if you're VIP
    - Daily Reward now gives a 150% exp for 60 Min boosting crystal instead of the normal 50% for 30 Min
    - Daily Reward now gives double the Blood Money
    - VIP Can now Bank-All with no restrictions
    - While at Home or inside a Bank, Hitpoints will replenish at a rate of 2/Gametick
    - While at Home or inside a Bank, Special amount will replenish at a rate of 1/Gametick
    - While at Home or inside a Bank, Prayer will be restored
    - While at Home or inside a Bank, Poison & Venom will be Cured
    - The price to retrieve your lost items at Zulrah is 90% Cheaper
    - Coins and Blood Money dropped for VIP will Automatically be collected to your inventory upon drop

    Wow bless you with the updates in many ways 🙏💥 that poison/venom is safe at home is a big deal now "for me at least haha"


      Originally posted by dadd7 View Post
      Wow bless you with the updates in many ways 🙏💥 that poison/venom is safe at home is a big deal now "for me at least haha"
      Thank you so much for the comment, we appreciate all the feedback <3


        Originally posted by dadd7 View Post
        Wow bless you with the updates in many ways 🙏💥 that poison/venom is safe at home is a big deal now "for me at least haha"
        The Healing, Refilling and Curing is a VIP Passive while inside a Bank or within the Home Perimeter