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[In-Game Dev Log #13] Updates

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    [In-Game Dev Log #13] Updates

    Featured Update:

    Looting Bag: (Customized) This is an ancient item that has the ability to store an entire Player's Backpack worth of items into the bag, this is limited to Tradeable Items, so Untradeable Items WILL NOT be added to the bag. Due to it's magical capabilities, it will not allow another Bag into your inventory. While Normal players are welcome to add and remove items at their own will, Donators will be able to Bank-All items while anywhere within the Home Location, and yet again Dragon Donators will have the option to Bank-All from anywhere in game freely as they wish When your bag is 'Closed' or Tied shut, you will have to manually add items from your inventory. If the Bag is Open in your inventory, all items you 'Pick Up' are added to the bag[Filter applied]. and for players of the Dragon Donator rank or higher, if the bag is Open, all items dropped by NPC will be Auto-Collected into your bag with Filters applying. 'Deposit' Option is not yet implemented, again this will be a toggleable option that will allow the Donator role the option to have their Auto-Collected Item go straight to their bank at the cost of Blood Money. and the Maxed Donator Role will have the Blood money Fee waived. 'Settings' will Allow Access to the Filters; which are a TBA Feature.

    - Looting Bag Patches
    - Normal Players can only remove items from the bag while at Home
    - Normal Players Can only Bank-All while inside any bank
    - Normal Players can have Picked up items (that are tradeable) go into the Bag while it is Open
    - Sapphire Donators can Bank-All from anywhere at Home or Donator Zone
    - Sapphire Donators or higher can Remove items from anywhere
    - DragonStone Donators will be able to Bank-All from Anywhere in Game World

    Bug Fixes and New Content:
    - SpellCaster now Buff your dmg on magic as all the other gloves tier.
    - Changed Chris's sonic the hedgehog pet size (made it bigger)
    - Seperated ironman's from regular player's on the highscores giving them an ironman logo.
    - A lot of donator panel work
    - Replaced our vote page with king fox's new 3.0 version.
    - Boogie bow blood effect will now heal 2/3 of your hit dealt, but it's now more rare.
    - Fixed blood effect for blood twisted crossbow & blood twisted bow.
    - Fixed Karils Cbow and buffed bolt racks a bit (+10 range str)
    - Donator panel has a teleport to fallen star option
    - Donator panel now clickable in quest tab.
    - No longer will send a global message if you do ::claimvotes with 0 votes

    VIP Subscription:
    - Subscription update, reads if you paid for the recurring payment and adds special benefits in-game
    - Automatically reads from the forum in-game if you purchased the VIP Subscription
    - Drop rate 2% boost when purchasing

    Great update! Thanks to all the staff for their hard work!


      Eric yeah they do a lot of updates to keep the server alive. I’ll prob be on tonight xD


        Thank you guys I appreciate the good comments, all the work is for mistex to succeed.